Xeroshoes Lena Canvas. Women's (navy/silver)

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Lightweight casual comfort that'll take you where you want to go.

The Lena fits true to size, however if you are between sizes we recommend choosing the larger size.


  • Natural FIT — the wide toe box lets your toes spread and relax. Plus the “XERO-drop” sole (non-elevated heel and low-to-the ground) allows for proper posture, balance and agility.
  • Natural FUNCTION — the flexible Lena let’s your feet bend, move, and flex the way that feet are supposed to. Plus, they’re so light, you might forget you have them on. A woman’s size 7 is only 6 ounces each.
  • Natural FEEL — the Lena uses the 5.5mm FeelTrue® rubber sole from our Z-Trek sandal. That means you get get great protection while still letting you feel the sensations that your feet and brain want. If you need a bit of extra protection, just toss in the optional 2mm insole. The Lena lets you truly Feel The World®.
  • Vegan friendly materials — the Lena has a canvas upper, with a cotton lining and microfiber accents. You can wash it with soap and water.
  • Huarache inspired design — the heel/instep strap adds a subtle, eye-catching call out, but it’s also functional, holding your heel and cinching up around your instep.
  • Flexible heel — you can step on the heel and wear the Lena as a “slide”