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TFC Solemate Kit

TFC Solemate Kit

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We are committed to donating $1 from every Solemate or Solemate Kit sold to reforestation efforts.

This kit includes; one SoleMate, one pair of TFC Wild Toes, one TFC Hacky Sack and a canvas bag to carry.

The TFC SoleMate is our unique foot restoration, mobility and balance training tool that includes a massage roller, mini-foot rollerbalance beam and toe alignment bands, all in one compact package.

Made from cork, TFC SoleMates are eco-friendlylightweight and impressively durable (learn more below).

Every TFC SoleMate comes with an in-depth online training system with 60+ exercises and a full structured program (from basic to advanced) to ensure you get the most out of it.

This is the perfect companion to assist in the prevention and rehab of common foot/ankle conditions e.g. plantar fasciitis, bunions, ankle sprains, Achilles tendinitis.


Customer Reviews

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Not for everybody

Hi this product is not suitable much if you have fungal foot infections or have a need for the product to be kept clean, it's not easy to maintain and keep clean and the videos/training system requires internet and lots of time to learn how to use.

Sophie C.
Morton’s neuromas

I am an Iyengar yoga teacher. I have 2 Morton’s Neuromas in my left foot..
I have included half an hour a day using these products and the new barefoot shoes.
I am happy with the changes
In my feet so far, the arch pain is so much better. I am wondering if there is anything specific You can recommend for the Neuromas?
Great product, Thankyou.

Laura Hart
I'm pretty old and wonky - but my balance is already much improved!

I was getting a little worried about my increasingly frequent falls and I thought maybe the kit would help. I'm not the gym type and I am hopeless at following instructions, but the videos are really clear and I love the emphasis on having fun. But the stunning thing is it works! I can now stand on one leg without instantly toppling over and can even see inprovement on the mini balance beam which was super tricky to begin with. The kit itself is very high quality. So go ahead - even If I don't get very much better, I feel more confident with a few weeks of these simple exercises.

Fiona H
Fun tool, good quality

I bought my Sole-Mate last month and have been trying using it for a few minutes most days. I can feel my feet changing even with irregular use and am glad to have something that feels do-able and fun that is helping my foot health.

Sharon Muir
I'm in love with my SoleMate!

This kit is so well thought out. It's compact, practical and easy to use. I really appreciate that it can be used in a variety of ways. It's a great investment towards the health of my feet and ultimately my whole body.