TFC B2 Men's (Black)

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Introducing TFC's second partnership model release in collaboration with Boty Luks from the Czech Republic - The B2.

For TFC to stamp our brand on a piece of footwear we carry a very high standard in the functionality and quality of a shoe. Every B2 is handmade in small quantities by small single family workshop in the Czech Republic with a passionate dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Hugely versatile, the B2 can be worn to work, in the city, in the mountains or for a walk in the countryside. A straight first toe (rare to ever see in footwear but its how human feet should be aligned), thin & flexible sole, wide forefoot and great durability. 

The B2 comes in sizes 41-45 in mens and sizing dimensions can be found at the bottom of this page)


$25 of every purchase goes towards creating our first episode of "meet your Cordwainer (shoemaker)" where TFC sends a team to visit the people making our shoes and tells their story to the world. 

Each B2 includes two complimentary sets of toe spreaders (so you can donate someone else the gift of optimal toe alignment)

** Caution: Leather may stain light coloured socks a brown tan colour. We recommend using the boots barefoot or with dark socks **

Foot Measurements

Size: 42 - the length 27,2cm, width 10,7cm

Size: 43 - the length 27,9cm, width 10,9cm

Size: 44 - the length 28,5cm, width 11,1cm

Size: 45 - the length 29,1cm, width 11,2cm

Size: 46 - the length 29,9cm, width 11,3cm