Ninja (includes FRK, online workshop 1.0 access)

  • $250.00

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Our first collaboration shoe with Softstar: The TFC Ninja

This bundle comes with a pair of Ninjas, a Foot Restoration Kit (pair of Wild Toes and lacrosse ball) and online access to our 2 hour Workshop 1.0 that covers everything you need to know when it comes to restoring functional feet, ankles and hips. 

Based on the Dash RunAmoc they offer, we worked with Softstar to create a custom combination of materials to offer a breathable, functional piece of footwear made to last. 

Each pair of shoes is handmade by a talented crew at the Softstar facility in Philomath, Oregon 

Package value if items purchased separately: 

Ninjas ($225) + FRK ($30) + Workshop 1.0 ($27) = $282 

Due to limited production capacity, we only have 45 pairs in stock but have another order placed that should be arriving in March 2020.