Running Workshop - Ottawa, starts August 8 2018

Running Workshop - Ottawa, starts August 8 2018

Our newest 6 week running workshop helps you rebuild optimal running technique to improve performance and prevent injuries. 

During the 6 weeks we cover:

- Mobility requirements for running

- Training strength and stability for running

- Optimal running biomechanics and how shoes affect how you run

- Properly transitioning to minimal footwear


Location: Held at our newest TFC store in Ottawa, located at 3771 Spratt Rd. Unit #4 within Optimize Physiotherapy & Sport Medicine.

Start Date: Wednesday August 8th, 2018 

Instructors: Yulia Biggar, Mike Gauvreau, Nick St Louis

Time: Every Wednesday from 7-8pm 

Cost: $150 for the 6 sessions ($25 per session), limited to 15 people