Paperkrane - Budgie Smuggler

  • $60.00

With summer fast approaching in the land down under, we’re set to be seeing way more budgie smugglers than we bargained for!

With their most dazzling bright pink background, splashed with brilliant green and yellow budgies, and finished with hot pink leather toe and heel details and white rubber soles (midi and flexi), they’re sure to be at the top of the pecking order of any cool kicks collection!


 Paperkrane's FLEXI SOLE uppers are constructed with high quality cotton*, (unless otherwise stated) and feature our unique natural rubber sole. This pair wouldn't be complete without some soft suede details. This style PK is built for your little explorer. Lightweight and flexible, we have designed the FLEXI SOLES to follow your child wherever they go, to protect those little feet from the elements and lumps and bumps encountered along the way. With an ultra-thin layer of foam underfoot, these shoes are designed to allow your babe to play free and not interfere with normal foot movement or development.

The cotton upper and natural rubber sole will allow your little one's feet to bend and breathe. They're ideal for every stage of childhood, from those early steps, to days filled with leaping and learning