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Lems Waterproof Chelsea Boot. Unisex (espresso)

Lems Waterproof Chelsea Boot. Unisex (espresso)

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Fans of the Primal Zen will be stoked because the Waterproof Chelsea is here; featuring the same outsole you know and love, meaning this boot ticks all the right boxes: super lightweight, zero-drop, and ultra wide. Available in a gorgeous Espresso constructed with a fully waterproof membrane and oiled leather. 

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Please order a 1/2 size larger than your normal US size.


With its waterproof membrane and full-grain oiled leather upper, this Chelsea Boot will keep your feet cozy and dry.


Unlike traditional footwear that squeeze the toes together, our foot-shaped toe box allows for maximum room giving the toes ultimate freedom to wiggle and spread.


Places the forefoot and heel flat to the ground correcting posture, aligning your spine, and encouraging mid-foot strike.


Our proprietary IBR outsole is what makes Lems incredibly lightweight and flexible - giving your foot the sense of weightlessness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Wide without looking wide!

Classic looking Chelsea Boot that looks as stylish as a Blundstone but it's waaaay more comfortable. I haven't tried the waterproofness yet, but it fits me perfectly.

I have the Lems Primal in the same size (9 - which is my normal size) and it fits about a half size too large. This size 9 Chelsea with the waterproof membrane is a perfect fit for me.

Grab a pair, you won't regret it!

Graham T
An excellent winter Chelsea option

This was my first zero drop "barefoot" shoe and I've been completely converted! I have naturally quite wide feet (EE)/(EEE) and have found many winter Chelsea style boot options to be rather bulky and restrictive. The fit and finish of the shoe feels on par with Blundestones that I've tried in the past, but the comfort has been exceptional and they have been plenty warm for Toronto winter so far! In my limited experience with barefoot footwear, these boots are a bit rigid and don't have a ton of ground-feel, but this has been a worthwhile trade-off considering that they might last a little longer and provide a fair amount of traction in the harsher winter conditions.

Antonio Tongue

Only a little slippery on ice/snow

Lauren D.
AMAZING!! get them

I have two pairs of blundstones that I sadly have to get rid of because they just started to hurt my feet so bad once I started getting into barefoot shoes. At first, these gave me blisters, but I almost always do with any shoe. After a while it was fine and these boots are my go tos!

Helen Liabotis

Foe someone with very wide feet, these boots are a joy. A bit tough to pull on but a shoehorn does the trick.