Footwork session - Ottawa. November 3, 2018

Footwork session - Ottawa. November 3, 2018

  • $30.00

What is a footwork session?

The TFC footwork session is a class for all ages that teaches footwork skills inspired from boxing and martial arts. The session blends patterns together into drills, exercises, games and flow. 

Improving footwork coordination can enhance performance in any sport you play on your feet. Training agility helps to build a strong and stable foundation by enhancing your connection to the ground. 


Location: TFC dojo in Ottawa, located at 3771 Spratt Rd. Unit #4 within Optimize Physiotherapy & Sport Medicine.

Date: Saturday November 3, 2018.

Instructors: Alex Kalli, Mike Gauvreau, Nick St Louis

Time: 10 - 11:15 am

Cost: $30, limited to 15 people