[RP] Foot Restoration Kit 50 Pack re-stock

  • $500.00
  • Save $750.00

Includes 50 pairs* of individually packaged latex free flexible silicone toe spreaders and 50 foot mobility lacrosse balls. This bulk pack was created for universities, sports teams, gyms, yoga studios and physical therapy clinics wanting to sell the product and make a margin on them.

Simple yet powerful accessories to help people reclaim optimal toe alignment. Great products for patients/clients/members to help them restore their feet, reverse bunions, and improve their foot stability/balance.

$10.00 per kit [RP] wholesale pricing

*Our defect rate on toe spreaders is around 2% and to make up for this possibility we include 3 extra pairs of spreaders with each display. 

*Discount codes cannot be applied to retail partner products