1 Day Seminar - Denver, Colorado. June 27, 2020 (includes lunch)

1 Day Seminar - Denver, Colorado. June 27, 2020 (includes lunch)

  • $375.00

Location: Lions Den SMP

Address: 5058 S. Syracuse St. Denver, CO 80237

Date: Saturday June 27, 2020

Time: Registration opens at 8:30 am, seminar runs from 9:00 am - 4 pm including a 1 hour lunch session covering food.

Cost: $375 CAD (includes morning coffee and catered lunch by Zeal with vegan and gluten free options - check out zealfood.com for what this awesome company offers in Denver)

About our new 1-day seminar:

After making the decision to move beyond feet and hips and into all pillars of health, our team at TFC HQ decided to go back to the drawing board and create a brand new 1-day seminar for 2020. 

Our aim was to create a full day health experience loaded with our best information to educate, inspire and empower people to begin taking back control of their bodies. In the new 1-day seminar we deliver our best information on the topics of feet, footwear, mental health, movement, play, sleep, food, mobility, behaviour change, the environment and ways to reconnect with a sense of community and purpose in your life. 

Registration includes admission to the event, a seminar storybook, seminar card and a catered lunch for every participant. Everyone who attends in person will receive access to our 1-day Seminar e-manual through TFC App. The e-manual will be constantly evolving and is loaded with videos, resources and book recommendations so you can have ongoing support over the course of your health journey. 


What we cover (subject to change):

- How awareness creates responsibility

- Feet: Why they're important, resolving common foot issues

- Footwear: What to look for, dangers of modern footwear

- Play: Defining play, why play is important, partner play drills

- Your mind: The value of mental training, getting  started with meditation, the importance of solitude

- Beam work: How playful balance work can benefit the mind and body

- Mobility: Why mobility is important, building habits, joint hygiene, morning routine

- Movement: Moving beyond exercise, becoming a movement opportunist, escaping sedentarism

- Sleep: Why we sleep, the importance of sleep, tips to improve your sleep

- Food: Food vs. food products, creating a food system (meal provided)

- Resources to continue supporting you along your health journey and how to make progress everyday

- Redefining what it means to be healthy