TFC-beam mini [Aluminum]

  • $65.00

Our newest member to the TFC beam family, the mini is a smaller version of the tubing we use in our full size beam 1.0 system and a great tool to refine your hip stability to offset the effects of sitting and reclaim mobile hips and an arch in your foot. 

Includes a single 34.5cm long piece of hand finished schedule 40 6061 aluminum  tubing (48cm OD), a small foam mat to place under it initially to make it easier to get started, and a beam info card with a link to access our online beam training system. 

[These also double as legs for the modular beam 1.0 system to lift it higher off the ground or place the beam on an upward angle]

The training system provides ranked exercises from easiest to hardest and lets you progress the level of challenge as your hip stability improves.

For those who want a bigger challenge, we also sell a thin rubber mat that can replace the foam and makes it more difficult to balance. 

**All beam products ship out of Ottawa, Canada within 1 week of purchase 

If sold out please email with the size you want in the subject line to be placed on our request list for the next batch