Earth Runners - Circadian Adventure Sandal. Unisex (camo performance lace)

Earth Runners - Circadian Adventure Sandal. Unisex (camo performance lace)

The Circadian will keep you secure and in tune with the earth’s natural rhythmsat every step. This minimal aggressive sole design combined with our Earth-Grip footbed resembles the feel of a mild bare earth equivalentwith superior all weather traction.

The Performance laces featured on the Circadian Adventure sandals provide ultimate security and longevity on all of your adventures, while the thinner & more flexible Lifestyle laces on Circadian Lifestyle Sandals are ideal for maximum comfort in casual everyday life. *The only difference between Adventure and Lifestyle sandals are the laces.

Weight: 5.9 oz  (single sandal, men's 9 / women's 11)

Thickness: 9mm = 7.5mm base + 1.5mm tread

Sole:  Vibram® Gumlite Outsole

Footbed:  Earth Grip 

  • Heavy Duty Cotton Canvas
  • Small Batch, Low Impact Dye
  • Los Angeles Dye House
  • GOTS Certified Dye

Laces:  Grounded Conductive Performance Laces

  • 9/16” Wide
  • 1/2" Hydrophobic Polyester Webbing Core
  • 1" Mil-Spec Nylon Reinforcement (Wrapped)
  • Conductive Stainless Steel Thread
  • Copper Ground Plug

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